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cost of car insurance in Montana

Montana requires you to carry liability insurance with at least the following limits:

$25,000 per person bodily injury;
$50,000 per accident bodily injury;
$20,000 property damage

Determining your premium depends on many factors, including where you live, the kind of car you drive, how much you drive, how much coverage you want, your driving record, and your age.

If an error is made in reporting any of these factors, your rates won’t be quoted correctly. Auto insurance misquotes can happen when your application information differs from your actual driving record.

Companies ask the state’s motor vehicle division to verify the records of the drivers they insure. If you told your insurance agent you have a perfect driving record, and you don’t, your insurance company will charge higher premiums than your agent quotes.

To avoid misquotes, provide accurate information about your driving record and any other factors that could affect the cost of insurance, such as the make of your car or how far you commute to work. Verify all information before signing the application.

Auto Insurance Rates in Montana

Learn more about the driving requirements in Montana, how to find the best carrier, and compare the lowest rates for your individual coverage needs.

Auto Insurance Montana

Auto Insurance Montana

Auto Insurance in Montana An auto insurance Montana policy is a contract between you and the insurance provider that secures you against loss of money in the case of an accident or theft. This contract protects you against financial loss if an accident or theft...

Auto Insurance in Montana

Auto Insurance in Montana

Car Insurance in Montana Montana law says that drivers must keep proof of insurance in their car and show it to police if they ask. In Montana, it is a misdemeanor to drive without car insurance. Montana has an online verification system to ensure drivers have the...

What Do I Need When Getting a Quote?

If you currently have insurance, we recommend you have your current Dec Page. The Dec Page has all your current information such as current coverage, pricing, and vehicle details. If you don't have insurance, you need your car information (Make, Model, and VIN), your and all driver information (date of birth and license number), and the type of insurance you need (basic liability, full coverage, higher limits). 

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